About Us

Class Always On (CAO) is an online platform for those ‘Always Learning’.

Following the COVID pandemic, we've become more mindful of our physical and mental well-being. We also saw some advantages to working from home, like a better work-life balance mainly thanks to less commute stress.

CAO provides a range of courses by partnering with well-established and highly trained professionals. You can choose to learn new moves or burn calories in the comfort of your own home, which is more convenient, eliminates conveyance and is cost-effective. CAO will pass on these savings to open a whole new world of accessible and affordable yet high-quality movement and improvement classes to a digital-first generation.

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Engaging Classes

Our classes are energetic and a lot of fun. Feel free to rewind & revisit a session to perfect your form, or just shake a leg!

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Expert Instructors

We’ve handpicked some of the best and most experienced instructors to create engaging and enjoyable courses for you.

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Low-cost subscriptions

Sign up with us without breaking the bank! Our courses are high-quality yet cost-effective.